About Us

Pokémon Paradise started as a Facebook page back in late 2014. What started as a small page to share Pokémon related stuff between friends, grew into a popular Pokémon page for all kind of fans old and new. We now bring a mix of memes, news, gadgets and tips & tricks. Since the launch of Pokémon Go, Pokémon Paradise has been growing exponentially.

The Facebook page has grown to over 11.000 likes and Pokémon Paradise now also active on Instagram and of course our own website. The website quickly became an active hub too, currently getting well over 1.000 visitors per day. Yet, this is still only the beginning of Pokémon paradise and aim to extend our activities. First up are the Deal Of The Week and Ask Arceus section, then we will focus on improving accomodations for our community (chat, forum, …). Lastly, we will organize competitions, sweepstakes and other events!

Besides pokemonparadise.com we also have the website gamesguidesgear.com in our portfolio.


For all inquiries, both business and personal, please mail to:

admin [at] pokemonparadise [dot] com